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We’ve all heard the stories from Zaatari, the second biggest refugee camp in the world. The temporary arrangement became permanent and hosts now ten thousands of people in the desert of Jordan. Every one of them has had dramatic experiences …

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the mothers

Traumatized children can be relieved by strengthening their mothers. This approach has been successfully tested and scientifically proven. In 2020, Dr. Ann-Katrin Bockmann, a psychologist at the University of Hildesheim (Germany), visited Zaatari Camp in Jordan and was shocked by the extent of misery. But the research findings of a Syrian psychologist …

There is another way:


back to life

Children in refugee camps have often had to suffer highly traumatic things. When asked how they imagine a “safe place,” they draw soldiers and tanks instead. The Leyla project shows a way out of despair – this is shown by impressive drawings of a course participant …

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Safe and 


Good and profound education costs money – anywhere in the world. The professional training through external lecturers as well as the ongoing work of our project partners are supported by us financially. In addition, there’s the costs for …

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At the Leyla Project we are training voluntary female trauma advisors to support mothers of refugee children. Twelve women – six from Lebanon, six from Jordan – are introduced to working with affected people by receiving trainings, practicum phases and supervision. Mentors of our partner – the local relief organization Ithraa in Jordan and Lebanon – ensure …