What for do we need your donation?

Safe and 


Good and profound education costs money – anywhere in the world. The professional training through external lecturers as well as the ongoing work of our project partners are supported by us financially. In addition, there’s the costs for renting the rooms, travel expenses, training material and playing material for children in the camps.

With 36.000 Euro we can, for one year, train and support 12 professional trauma advisors. The higher the donation amount, the more trauma advisors can be trained and the more children can be reached.

Does the donated money really arrive on-site?

The longstanding experienced project partners, including the Refugee Housings of the Christian Community “Am Döhrener Turm” ensure a careful and earmarked use of the project funds. Administrative costs are kept under a 5 % mark. For comparison: The maximum limit for advertising and administrative costs at the renowned donation seal of the DZI (Central Institute for Social Questions in Germany) rests with 30 % of the total expenses.

Is all of this sustainable?

Yes, it is! The declared aim of the project is that our partners in the Middle East are able to continue the training independently after our first project year. In addition, already qualified trauma advisors will keep receiving on-going support and supervision.