What exactly are we up to?



At the Leyla Project we are training voluntary female trauma advisors to support mothers of refugee children. Twelve women – six from Lebanon, six from Jordan – are introduced to working with affected people by receiving trainings, practicum phases and supervision. Mentors of the local relief organization Ithraa in Jordan and Lebanon ensure, that the trauma advisors are supervised optimally.

Who’s benefitting?

It’s about traumatized refugee children up to 12 years and their mothers. Most of them were forced to flee from Syria, Irak or Yemen to Lebanon and Jordan. Their life takes place in the tightest of spaces, under difficult economic conditions and with limited access to education.

In the end, the whole family is supposed to benefit. They all are affected by the flight, the suffering and a permanent existence without prospects in the camps. The mothers are our focus primarily: They are supposed to be enabled in a relation-oriented and scientifically founded training, to give their often highly traumatized children long-term support. By strengthening the whole family unit, the young generation is supposed to get a long-term perspective and the positive future that they deserve.